Jessica Rogers, President

     Jessica is a lifetime resident of Canton, New York and the North Country who currently serves as the President of the SLLT and has been a member of the SLLT Board since 2012. As President her responsibilities include overseeing all business of the SLLT, preparing the agenda for each meeting, and being the chief spokesperson for the Land Trust. She received her masters and doctorate from Columbia University and has been an associate professor of Environmental Studies at SUNY Potsdam located in Potsdam, New York since 2016. Her interest in land conservation was the motivation behind her decision to join the SLLT.

Glenn Johnson, Vice-President

    Glenn has been a resident of Potsdam, New York for the last 21 years and has been a member of the SLLT board since 2009 and also has served as Vice-President since 2012. As Vice-President Glenn is responsible for all duties of the President if current President Jessica Rogers is absent, and is very involved with all aspects of the easement process including monitoring and decision-making. He received his masters and doctorate from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and has been a professor of Biology at SUNY Potsdam in Potsdam for the last 21 years. Glenn believes that holding conservation easements and lands in fees is one of the best ways to protect lands from future developments and is why he joined the SLLT.

Dan Bellinger, Treasurer       

     Dan has called the North Country home since starting his Environmental Science & Policy and Political Science degrees at Clarkson University in 2011. He currently serves as treasurer and is responsible for all funds pertaining to the Land Trust, organizing the finances of the Land Trust, and preparing full financial reports for the organization. After working on a trail crew in Alaska and as a traveling outdoor educator across NYS, he came home and worked with the SLLT on various projects while getting reacquainted with his adoptive home through the Local Living Venture and the Children's Home. He eventually joined the North Country Children's Museum as a Science Educator, determined to nurture future generations of North Country Environmentalists who would value and treasure the beautiful home that they shared with countless other creatures. He volunteers with the Land Trust because he fully believes in its mission, endeavoring to support the environmental integrity and beauty of a region that not only is a model for political reconciliation, but also holds some of his most cherished memories.

Dakota Casserly, Secretary

    Dakota has been in the North Country since 1979 and has been a member of the SLLT Board since 2016. He currently serves as the secretary where his responsibilities include organizing the monthly meetings of the Land Trust, writing grants with President Jess Rogers, keeping track of the expenditure of funds, as well as participating in every aspect of the board’s activities. He brings to the Land Trust his skillset which includes GIS capabilities, land-use and recreational planning, and as a property owner within St. Lawrence County. Currently works as a Planner II for St. Lawrence County. The decision to join the SLLT was motivated by a personal interest in land conservation.

Tom Langen

     Tom is the Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. He has been a resident of the North Country for the last 20 years and joined the SLLT board in 2009 and has served as President of the board from 2011 to 2020. In addition, Tom is on the board of the Grasse River Heritage and Northern New York Audubon, and is also on the Town of Canton’s Waterfront Advisory Committee. Tom joined the SLLT because of his conviction that helping landowners conserve their land is the most effective way to conserve nature.

Carol Cady

    Carol has been a resident of Canton, New York for the last 17 years and has been a member of the SLLT Board since 2012. Her unique knowledge and skillset which combines GIS and Landscape Ecology has made Carol a valuable addition to the Land Trust. She has been a GIS Specialist at St. Lawrence University in Canton for the last 17 years as well. During her time at St. Lawrence she has been involved with numerous conservation efforts involving both students and other faculty members and has spent time working with numerous other conservation organizations throughout the Northeast. Conserving open spaces and the various habitats that are necessary for viable ecological communities in Northern New York was her motivation for joining the SLLT.

John Casserly

    John is a retired 8th grade Social Studies teacher and coach from the Canton Central School District, who has lived in the North Country since 1977. He joined the SLLT Board in 2007 and brings with him extensive community engagement experience and land conservation planning skills and is also a property owner in St. Lawrence County. The decision to join the SLLT was motivated by a personal interest in land conservation.

Cathleen O'Horo

    Cathleen is a lifelong resident of the North Country and has been a member of the SLLT Board since 2009. She received her law degree from Albany Law School after completing her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University. Since then she has practiced law in private practice for over 40 years, has served as an assistant district attorney, a law clerk in Family Court, and as the Town Justice for Canton, New York. She is able to bring the legal knowledge she has accumulated over her career to the Board to help identify and deal with legal issues that may arise. Her interest in reasonable restrictions that are voluntary placed on land in the North County is what motivated her to join the SLLT Board.

Peter D’luhosch

    Peter has been a resident of the North Country since 1996 and joined the SLLT Board in 2017. After completing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at St. Lawrence University he obtained his Masters in Forest and Natural Resource Management from SUNY ESF. Peter has been an employee of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation since 2008 and is currently the Conservation Easement Program Manager for Region 6 of the NYSDEC. He brings this professional knowledge of conservation easements to the SLLT Board. A lifelong commitment to the preservation of natural resources and wild lands provided Peter with the motivation to join the SLLT Board.

Marty Duffany

     Martin Duffany holds a BS in Forestry from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  He moved to the area in the summer of 2018 after 35+ years of experience in forest management working for the forest industry and a timberland management company primarily in the northeastern and Appalachian regions of the US and eastern Canada.  He is an SAF Certified Forester and holds forester licenses in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Martin is now self-employed doing timber inventory consulting work with a focus on verification of forest carbon offset projects.  Being a forester, he has a special interest in conservation and the wise use of our natural resources which is what motivated him to join the SLLT.

Mark T. Lee 

    Mark T. Lee is a lifelong advocate for land preservation and the environment. He is a veteran teacher of A.P. Biology, Chemistry and Calculus and has been a resident of the North Country for the majority of his life. Being a lifelong resident, he brings an understanding of local concerns to the board. His person interests in environmental conservation is what motivated him to join the SLLT.


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