The least restrictive option for conserving your land is an agreement to follow a conservation or stewardship plan. Such plans provide management guidelines and best practices that, when followed, preserve or improve the quality of the property. The landowner voluntarily adheres to the conservation stewardship plan, and may choose to discontinue following it in whole or in part at any time. When the property is transferred to a new owner, the new owner is under no obligation to follow the conservation stewardship plan.


The St. Lawrence Land Trust is currently involved in an initiative called Friends of the Watershed that involves recruiting landowners to voluntarily agree to conservation stewardship plans, see Current Projects. Take the Friends of the Watershed Pledge attached below - you can download it, sign it and take a photo and post to our facebook page. 


If you are interested in exploring whether a conservation stewardship plan is a good option for your property, or if you would like help in drafting and implementing such a plan, contact us.   

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