Why conserve in St. Lawrence County and why focus on rivers? 

St. Lawrence County is unusual in its abundance of rivers: the Oswegatchie, Grasse, Raquette, and St. Regis Rivers, all flowing north into the mighty St. Lawrence River, the second largest river by volume in North America. Neighboring land trusts focus their missions on other regions of the North Country – the Thousand Islands, Indian River Lakes, Adirondack Mountains, Champlain Valley or Lake Ontario Bays. 

How does the land trust conserve land?

St. Lawrence Land Trust recognizes that the environment is as fragile as it is verdant. The all-volunteer organization works with individuals who wish to determine the future use of their land. They do this by offering alternatives which respect private property rights while providing tax benefits and other financial advantages. In this way, the St. Lawrence Land Trust supports the needs of landowners while protecting the scenic, agricultural, ecological, recreational and cultural attributes.

What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement is a restriction placed on a parcel of property that is intended to preserve its environmental, cultural & historical, or recreational qualities for public benefit. The property owner voluntarily gives up the right to pursue some activities on the parcel of property within the conservation easement. For further explanation see: conservation easements.

When was the St. Lawrence Land Trust founded and what are its key accomplishments?

Since its founding in 2002, the organization has made strides securing easements and taking other steps to help concerned individuals protect their land. This has been achieved largely through the financial generosity of the landowners and other local citizens, along with collaborating conservation organizations.

Why is it important to conserve and steward land?

All of us in the region benefit from clean water and healthy watersheds. Good private land stewardship helps maintain abundant wildlife in our landscape, productive fisheries in our rivers, exciting places to explore by canoe or kayak, and beautiful scenery.  



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