In some instances, a landowner may wish to conserve for perpetuity the environmental, historical & cultural, or recreational features of his or her property, but does not want to continue to bear the financial, management, and liability burden associated with land ownership. In this case, a donation, bequest, or sale of the property to a non-profit organization such as the St. Lawrence Land Trust may be desirable. Besides the benefit from knowing that the property is preserved for the public benefit, the landowner may also declare the value of the donation as a charitable contribution. 

The St. Lawrence Land Trust prefers that land within our focus region remain under private ownership. However, in instances where conservation of the property is of exceptional public benefit, we are willing to consider acquiring property by donation or sale. 

Land Donation 

A land donation may be the best conservation strategy if you do not have heirs for your property, own property you no longer use, or own property you no longer want the responsibility of caring for. In addition, a donation of private land to a land trust may result in substantial income tax reduction.

Most importantly, when land is donated to SLLT its conservation values will be protected for future generations to enjoy. 

 Bargain Sale of Land 

 A bargain sale of land may happen when a land owner is in immediate need for income from their land while also wanting their land to be protected and conserved by a land trust. During a bargain sale, a land owner sells their land for less than its fair market value. This not only provides benefits to the land trust by making the land more affordable, but also makes land owners eligible for a charitable income tax deduction based on the difference in the fair market value of the land and the bargain sale amount. 


If you are interested in exploring whether a donation, bequest, or sale of your property to the St. Lawrence Land Trust would be mutually beneficial, contact us.

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